Our new eBook talks about why all of us should strive to become the ‘world’s local butcher’.

Not an immediately obvious analogy but it’s a good excuse for some meaty imagery. More importantly, it’s an idea that’s relevant to anyone who is trying to target their current market with greater precision, enlarge their market by finding new prospects, or both.

The link is that your local butcher (or anyone who set up shop pre-internet in a relatively small town or village) knew all of his customers and all of his customers knew him. Therefore it’s true to say he knew the entirety of his market. If B2B sellers could replicate that position online, where the limitations of geography don’t apply, that would be extremely profitable.

So that’s what this eBook is about: the different types of new technology that can help us achieve this, the differences between them and how best to implement them. Download it here.