How companies are using GrowthIntel to increase revenue and improve efficiency.

“We got GrowthIntel up and running immediately. No installation necessary. We’ve seen a very significant lift in a very short time period. I would recommend it to other B2B sales teams.”

Bryan Hands | BT Business

“GrowthIntel gives us insight into who’s going to convert before we’ve spoken to them. It’s a key part of our smart data strategy and has allowed us to identify hundreds of thousands of well-performing businesses.”

Paul Lillico | Citation

“The guys really like calling GrowthIntel leads because they trust the system and they know they are going to get good results. It helps both me and them to exceed our sales targets.”

Adrian Brandish | Pure360

“The average value of an opportunity from GrowthIntel is double what we see with other data sources. It feels good to have this level of insight. You couldn’t tear it out of my hands now.”

GrowthIntel Client | Forex & Payments Service

“We’ve been calling and making deals with companies we just wouldn’t have approached at all working with previous data. It’s broadened our horizons and widened our addressable market.”

GrowthIntel Client | Global Logistics