BT Business needed to reduce instances of wasted telemarketing calls
in order to lessen the number of lost opportunities.

BT is one of the world’s leading communications services companies, serving the needs of businesses and consumers in the UK and across the world.
Forty local business units drive sales for BT Business. They market and sell BT products to businesses of all sizes using outbound telemarketing and outside sales. Before they had access to GrowthIntel the sales teams used traditional credit bureau data to prioritise sales.


sales increase
from new customers


sales order
value increase

1 in 3

positive call outcomes
vs. 1 in 10 previously


When BT telemarketers make a call to a person who isn’t ready to buy, their time is wasted. With thousands of marketers and salespeople around the country, this was leaving tens of millions of pounds worth of revenue on the table.


Local sales people know precisely what makes local companies buy BT products, so GrowthIntel developed a predictive model that built on this knowledge to automatically recommend companies for BT’s telemarketing team to call.

Previously, the telemarketers were experiencing one good call out of every ten dials. With GrowthIntel, this ratio increased to one in three. Sales to new companies (with no prior relationship with BT) increased by 350%, and sales order values increased fourfold.  Additionally, GrowthIntel supported the team with real-time information on performance and activity.

“I’d recommend it to any company that’s involved in sales. It’s going to provide you with good, accurate information that you can filter by whatever parameters you choose. It’s a fabulous tool.”

Barry Forder, Sales Director, BT Local Business

“It’s really helped us to target companies about specifics and gave us a reason to call.”

Scott Mackenzie, BT Local Business

“Information is fantastic as an opening to engage a client. It meant we could be first through the door.”

Scott Towns, BT Local Business

“We got GrowthIntel up and running immediately. We’ve seen a very significant lift in a very short time period.”

Bryan Hands, BT Local Business


return on


increase in
opportunities generated


reduction in
cost per appointment