Citation knew their addressable market was larger than they had access to,
but they needed a scientific way of measuring it.

Citation Professional Solutions is one of the UK and Ireland’s largest providers of HR, employment law and ISO services to businesses.
They offer their expertise and online support to around 17,000 SMEs, allowing those companies to focus on the task of running their business.


new in-market
companies identified

1 in 3

completed calls had
a positive outcome


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Citation employs 55 business development consultants, who are tasked with setting appointments for the field sales team over the phone. Before partnering with GrowthIntel, the company sourced contacts from a data provider and applied two hard filters: sector (SIC code) and number of employees.

While this method had been successful, Citation wanted to explore which customer characteristics really drove demand for their services.

Meanwhile, their business development consultants were often discovering good prospects through their own research that weren’t showing up in the datasets. On further investigation, it was discovered that Citation’s own filters were causing them to miss out on these potential prospects.

Citation knew their total addressable market was larger than they had access to, but had no scientific way of measuring it. And they needed their business development consultants to be 100% focused on calling, rather than conducting target account research.

The challenge for GrowthIntel was to uncover the true size of Citation’s addressable market and maximise team productivity through higher quality recommendations, removing the need for self-gen in the process.


GrowthIntel took Citation’s historical prospecting data and used it to identify the traits common to the prospects who had gone on to become their best customers. This information was then fed into a predictive model, which identified thousands of net-new prospects that shared those traits.

The model proved effective at uncovering businesses previously unknown to Citation as a result of their traditional selection criteria. It replaced gut instinct with a scientific, predictable approach.

“GrowthIntel gives us insight into who’s going to convert before we’ve spoken to them. It’s a key part of our smart data strategy and has allowed us to identify hundreds of thousands of well-performing businesses we’d never targeted before. I’m a fan.”

Paul Lillico, Chief Technology Officer, Citation Professional Solutions


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leads generated


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