Pure360 needed to find new customers at scale
and improve sales efficiency by reducing the number of wasted calls.

Pure360 is an email and SMS marketing software provider helping clients deliver better results from their marketing campaigns.
Founded in 2001, the company works with over 1,400 organisations including brands such as innocent drinks, The FT, Bravissimo, PayPal and Occam.

15 mins

to create a campaign
and start calling


increase in
opportunities created


month on month


Pure360’s data team were buying in leads from a data provider. Opportunity generation was very hit and miss, and they were in the market for a more reliable source of leads.

The team wanted to find new customers who shared similar attributes to their current clients, but at scale; and improve sales efficiency by reducing the number of wasted calls.


A good prospect for Pure360 is a business that sends high volumes of email and text messages. But traditional data providers can’t search using these attributes. They’re restricted to traditional systems of business classification such as SIC codes. GrowthIntel’s proprietary business classification system is able to find new prospects according to their email and SMS volume, and its machine learning algorithms can create more signals with which to predict Pure360’s best prospects.

Pure360’s data team’s first step was to log into GrowthIntel’s SaaS platform and build a search in the UI, applying filters where necessary. This data was uploaded to SugarCRM and the salespeople started calling GrowthIntel leads. In less than 48 hours, GrowthIntel had processed the campaign results and used them to create a predictive model in time for their next campaign.

When they were buying leads from a data provider, the team were spending 2-3 hours per campaign reformatting and enriching their prospect lists before uploading them to Pure360’s CRM. With GrowthIntel this has been reduced to 15 minutes.

When running low on leads, Pure360 now turn to GrowthIntel first because no other source – whether a standard data provider or something more sophisticated – can supply them with so much high-quality prospect data in such a short amount of time.

“We saw an immediate boost in opportunities generated. After a year we were still seeing month-on-month growth. Would I recommend GrowthIntel? Absolutely.”

Adrian Brandish, Outbound Data Manager, Pure360


increase in
leads generated


return on


reduction in
cost per appointment